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  1. Start Scratching Each day you will receive FREE cards to scratch for a chance to win
  2. Every Scratch Takes You Further Every time you play, you win points that unlock higher levels and bigger prizes.
  3. Want More Rewards? Your points are flexible: you can keep them, trade them for rewards, or buy new Scratch cards for more chances to win!
  4. Scratch That Itch. Once you start playing, you'll get hooked on winning.


You win. Your friends win. Your bank account wins. scratchy is the world's first free app that gives you money to spend on the brands you love. Every time you win, you win real gift cards from your favorite brands.


TestimonialsCustomer Reviews

  • Username113458 Jan 30, 2016 First off, I have to say I never leave reviews. Seriously, my first review was a couple weeks ago. I reviewed this app and left them 1 star. Hated the app, never won anything. But I just logged back in today for the first time in a few weeks. Wow, you guys seriously delivered. You added a count down until I can scratch again, added more companies and best of all; I FINALLY WON SOMETHING!! I'm on level 2 and 80 points away from level 3. I won 5 points and a $10 off coupon to Well Path solutions. Also love that I can trade in my points. Awesome job. One of the first apps that listened to the review and changed the app accordingly. Will be using daily again.
  • anni3girl Oct 12, 2015 I found scratchy app to be very easy to navigate and play after downloading it to my iPhone. there is something exhilarating about downloading an app for free and playing to win discounts to real life brands and stores, such as Starbucks, Victoria's Secret and Uber, especially without having to compromise any personal information (I.e. credit card). while playing, there is an opportunity to move up in levels, so it feels like there is always a chance to win in this game. I highly recommend scratchy app for all consumers
  • Plainawesomenes Jun 17, 2016This app is not fake, I've tried it and you actually get the rewards emailed to you, just make sure you spell your email right because the reward will not be sent. This app is AMAZING so keep scratching!!
  • nessmd Jun 26, 2016 It's hard to get an instant win with the scratch off cards, but I really enjoy playing anyways. I collect my points andtrade them for prizes, so either way I win. I had an issue receiving my prize , but I emailed support and they got back with me. I'm gonna keep playing and hopefyully I will get an instant win soon.
  • chancewinn Dec 30, 2016 I won a $5 Starbucks gift card and it said I would receive and email with the gift card in 7 days. I totally forgot about it and then got an email today! Put it in my Starbucks app and t worked! Great app.

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